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Welcome to Boyd Holbrook Updates, fansite dedicated to American actor Boyd Holbrook. Here you will find the latest news related to Boyd and his career, as well as tons of images on our photo gallery. Enjoy your stay!

Paparazzi photos

Boyd Holbrook Updates will not post paparazzi taken photos of Boyd Holbrook that have no relation to any of his projects. However, we will publish pictures of him on set, for they relate to his professional life and are often used to promote his work. We’ll also post pictures of Boyd in workplaces like at conventions, festivals or arrivals.

Personal Life and Family

In order to respect Boyd’s privacy as much as possible, Boyd Holbrook Updates will not post any photos or rumors about his personal life that will have been released without his permission. All the personal information about him posted on here will be shared by him through interviews, official annoucements and social media.

Also, Boyd Holbrook Updates will not tolerate any comments with false or offensive speculation about Boyd, his wife or his son. Any comments of this kind will be deleted.


Boyd Holbrook Updates will not tolerale arguments or offenses among fans or directed to them. Additionally, the fansite will also not accept offenses aimed at the actor and his family. Arguments and offenses will be deleted; and in case it is not possible, they will be ignored and the person blocked.


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