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18.09. 21
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In an interview to Collider, Boyd Holbrook discussed working with B.J. Novak and Jon Bernthal, gun culture and gave a bit of information about The Sandman. Don’t read it if you don’t wish to get spoilers from episode “Moment of Silence,” streaming now on FX on Hulu:

05.02. 21
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Check out a brand new interview Boyd gave to Golden Globes about his period horror flick during Sundance Film Festival:

Eight for Silver is a unique reinvention of the horror genre that offers up werewolves, gypsy curses and old English elitism. Written and directed by Sean Ellis, who has a fine time playing with archetypical tropes and at times manages to both physical disgust and emotionally engage in the space of a few frames.

After a land baron (Alistair Petrie) orders some horrific acts against a traveling community of Romani people, a curse is laid upon the village. Soon after, the children of the attackers are haunted by horrific nightmares; then slowly picked apart by a menacing beast. When a traveling pathologist mysteriously arrives, the locals realize that John McBride (Boyd Holbrook), might be able to help them resolve the increasingly perilous occurrences, unaware of his own connection to the danger. We spoke to Holbrook during the festival.



04.02. 21

On the day after he was announced as a member of The Sandman cast, Boyd Holbrook was interviwed by Collider’s Steven Weintraub, where he talked about not only that, but doing Eight for Silver and past works like Narcos, Logan e Gone Girl.

Watch the full interview below:


03.02. 21

Read below the full interview Boyd gave to Screen Rant about his new horror flick Eight for Silver, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival. He also revelead he’s excited to play The Corinthian in The Sandman:

Eight For Silver, the philosophical take on the werewolf mythos by acclaimed auteur Sean Ellis, had its world premiere at Sundance this weekend. The arthouse horror film stars Boyd Holbrook (Quibi’s The Fugitive) as John McBride, a hunter who is roped into the troubles of the Laurent family when he tries to discover what happened to their young son.

His mission becomes intertwined with a secret the family patriarch, Seamus (Alastair Pierce of Rogue One), is fighting to keep. As John uncovers more of the human horrors that preceded the superhuman ones, neither he nor the family he’s protecting will ever be the same.

Holbrook spoke to Screen Rant about the research he did to understand his character, the joy he felt at working with a director like Ellis, and how his own directing experience informed his performance.


31.01. 21
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Watch below TheWrap Eight for Silver panel at virtual Sundance Film Festival, featuring Boyd Holbrook, Alistair Petrie and director Sean Ellis, in which they discuss, among other things, a particular bloody scene:


29.01. 21

He also talked about doing indie movies and his casting as The Corinthian in The Sandman. More below:

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 29 (UPI) — Boyd Holbrook has been in big Hollywood movies like Gone Girl, Logan and The Predator. However, Holbrook said his new film that premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, Eight for Silver, is the kind of independent movie he loves to make.

“It was just a more intimate experience that I do have to say I’m a sucker for,” Holbrook told UPI in a phone interview.

Eight for Silver is a monster movie set in the 1800s. Holbrook plays John McBride, a pathologist who visits a British village and agrees to help the Laurent family find a missing child. What the Laurents assume was a wolf attack, McBride knows actually was the manifestation of a gypsy curse.

Holbrook said he was impressed that Sean Ellis wrote, directed and produced the film. The cast and crew — including Alistair Petrie and Kelly Reilly as Seamus and Isabelle Laurent — lived close together for seven weeks at the film’s central France location.


29.01. 21
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Prior to the horror film premiere at Sandance, Boyd spoke about making it. Read more below:

The Sundance Film Festival is known for producing bittersweet dramedies about modern life, deep-dive docs on subjects you didn’t know you needed to learn about, and profound dramas that plumb the depths of human existence — but it would be a mistake to sleep on its genre offerings, too.

One such film is Sean Ellis’ Eight for Silver, which will premiere this weekend as part of the 2021 digital edition of the iconic indie fest. The deliciously eerie horror film takes place in rural 19th-century France, where a mysterious, possibly supernatural menace threatens a small village. Boyd Holbrook stars as John McBride, a pathologist who comes to town to investigate the danger — and exorcise some of his own demons in the process.

“I really love stories that are in a particular place and time, and [I loved] playing off this classical folklore,” says Holbrook, who was drawn to the filmmaker’s “arthouse” approach to genre cinema. “I’m a big fan of films like Hereditary… Scary films, if they’re done well, are so good.”


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