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Marie Claire UK (2015)

Boyd Holbrook Talks Little Accidents, Working With Elizabeth Banks And His Netflix Obsessions

October 8, 2015   |   Written by Marie Claire

Have you ever been caught in a life-changing Catch 22? That’s the premise of Boyd Holbrook’s new film Little Accidents where he stars opposite Elizabeth Banks and Chloe Sevigny. Boyd plays the part of miner, Amos, who is the lone survivor from a coal mining accident in his hometown in West Virigina.

Amos – who suffered a stroke in the accident – holds the fate of many of the townspeople’s futures in his hands when testifying about the incident and must decide who to protect.

We spoke to the actor about working on the film, Netflix and what he’s up to next…

On his new film, Little Accidents…

[I wanted to get involved in Little Accidents because] it was filmed in Southern West Virginia and I’m from Kentucky. Coal mining is kind of the only economical infrastructure there and at one point it was providing about 85% of America’s energy and now it’s like 50%. These towns were booming at one point during the 60s to 80s, but now they’re all becoming these ghost towns. It’s just fascinating. My father works in the coal industry too.

On working with first time features director, Sara Colangelo…

I think in any sort of medium repetition makes you better at your trade. Sara had made some short films and she really knew what she was doing. She let me play a lot.

On researching for the role of Amos…

I spent three months with a physical therapist understanding what a stroke is. I asked what is a stroke? I didn’t really know, it’s okay to mimic something but I really needed to understand the signs.

On working with Elizabeth Banks…

Elizabeth is smart. She’s very versatile as an actor, she can do a lot of things. [I saw her in] the 40 Year Old Virgin! She’s directing films now with Pitch Perfect.

On filming Narcos, where he plays DEA Agent Steve Murphy…

[It was] absolutely intense. You can do anything for a month of two but I really wanted to go on an experience. 6 months [of filming] is a stamina game. [Director] José Padilha is fantastic; I love his style, so I really wanted to work with him.

On Netflix…

I think Netflix is incredible! I travel a lot so it keeps me company sometimes. I like Peaky Blinders, I’m a big fan of Cillian Murphy and he is quite the actor. I watch documentaries mainly, but I’ve really gotten into watching scary movies. It Follows is wicked.

On what he’ll be up to next…

I think I might direct a film, it’s a story called Uncle Sam. I’d really like to find some kid off the street and if it works, it works. I went on a big motorbike trip to Patagonia after wrapping season one [of Narcos], so I think for New Year’s I’m going to go camping in this place called El Chalten in Southern Argentina.

On why he doesn’t live in LA…

I actually moved to upstate New York to the country. I just never saw the appeal [of LA]. I think it’s really nice, a good quality of life but I don’t live in the city anymore. I have nature, the woods, property and my dog can go chill.


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