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Nov 20, 2015
Flaunt Magazine
Boyd Holbrook | A Person With No Fixed Residence Who Roams About; Wanderer
Feb 5, 2021
Golden Globes
Sundance 2021 Interview: (Eight for Silver) Boyd Holbrook
Feb 4, 2021
Boyd Holbrook on ‘Eight for Silver’, Netflix’s ‘Sandman’, ‘Logan’, and 'The Predator’ Reshoots
Feb 3, 2021
Screen Rant
Boyd Holbrook Interview: Eight For Silver
Feb 2, 2021
The Playlist
Kelly Reilly & Boyd Holbrook Talk The Joys of Working With Animatronic Wolves For Gothic Horror ‘Eight For Silver’ [Interview]
Jan 29, 2021
United Press International
Boyd Holbrook: Sundance movie 'Eight for Silver' is an 'intimate experience'
Jan 29, 2021
Entertainment Weekly
Sundance preview: Boyd Holbrook on crafting eerie horror indie Eight for Silver
Aug 3, 2020
The Hollywood Reporter
Why Boyd Holbrook Was Prepared to Say No to Playing Another Dr. Richard Kimble on 'The Fugitive'
Aug 3, 2020
Comic Book Resources
The Fugitive's Boyd Holbrook on Tackling the Title Role in Quibi's Reimagining
Jul 30, 2020
‘The Fugitive’ Star Boyd Holbrook on Why His Quibi Reboot Is Nothing Like the Harrison Ford Film
Oct 3, 2019
The New Potato
Boyd Holbrook Says Women Are Superior
Sep 27, 2019
That Shelf
In the Shadow of the Moon Interview: Jim Mickle & Boyd Holbrook
Sep 27, 2019
Brief Take
Interview: In the Shadow of the Moon’s Boyd Holbrook and Jim Mickle
Sep 27, 2019
Anthem Magazine
Q&A with Boyd Holbrook
Sep 26, 2019
Shuffle Online
Fantastic Fest 2019: Boyd Holbrook, Michael C. Hall and Cleopatra Coleman talk "In The Shadow of the Moon"
Feb 19, 2019
2018 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Madeleine Sackler and Boyd Holbrook Talk O.G. (Exclusive)
Oct 2018
Icon Magazine
Boyd Holbrook and how he made it in the concrete jungle
Sep 18, 2018
New York Post Alexa
Before stardom, Boyd Holbrook was ‘just a hillbilly from Kentucky’
Sep 10, 2018
Flickering Myth
Exclusive Interview – Boyd Holbrook on The Predator
Sep 7, 2018
A Potpourri of Vestiges
Interview: Boyd Holbrook, Lead Actor of 'The Predator"
May 28, 2018
Slash Film
Boyd Holbrook Calls ‘The Predator’ a Western-Sci-Fi Hybrid [Set Visit Interview]
Jun 28, 2017
Why Boyd Holbrook is Not Your Typical Bad Guy
Feb 28, 2017
Metro US
Boyd Holbrook on why there’s no nine lives in the gritty ‘Logan’
Feb 16, 2017
We Got This Covered
Exclusive Interview: Boyd Holbrook Talks Logan, Predator And Narcos
Sep 12 2016
Harper's Baazar
#ManCrushMonday: Boyd Holbrook on Taking Down Pablo Escobar
Sep 12, 2016
The Hollywood Reporter
Boyd Holbrook on Finding His 'Narcos' Voice, Playing the "Good Guy" and Season 3
Aug 17, 2016
Boyd Holbrook Style Interview
Jun 27, 2016
Awards Daily TV
Boyd Holbrook On Prepping for Netflix’s ‘Narcos’
Jun 26, 2016
The Film Experience
Interview: Rising Star Boyd Holbrook ("Narcos")
Jan 28, 2016
Mr Porter
Mr Boyd Holbrook
Oct 8, 2015
Marie Claire UK
Boyd Holbrook Talks Little Accidents, Working With Elizabeth Banks And His Netflix Obsessions
Sep 28, 2015
New York Post
Get to know the voice of ‘Narcos’
Sep 9, 2015
Boyd Holbrook on Netflix's 'Narcos', Working with Terrence Malick, and 'Jane Got a Gun'
Jan 25, 2015
Boyd Holbrook Stars in "Little Accidents"
Aug 20, 2014
Vanity Fair
Actor Boyd Holbrook on Gone Girl and His Five Other Upcoming Movies
Aug 5, 2014
Actor Boyd Holbrook makes his directorial debut
Aug 4, 2014
Interview Magazine
Boyd Holbrook
Jan 30, 2014
Interview Magazine
Boyd Holbrook on Film
Jul 18, 2013
Filmmaker Magazine
25 New Faces of Independent Film
Jan 28, 2013
The Star Of The “New Twilight,” Boyd Holbrook, Made Us Very Nervous
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