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Entertainment Weekly released this week some new promotional stills for Justified: City Primeval, the FX limited series set to premiere in July. Check out some images of Boyd Holbrook’s Clement Mansell:


In addition, Boyd himself spoke about his character to EW. Read it below:

That on-set drama was all in good fun, but Raylan’s onscreen troubles are much, much worse this season thanks to City Primeval‘s villain. Gone are the days of Raylan’s back-and-forth with fellow Harlan brother-in-arms Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) — there’s a new Boyd in town, as actor Boyd Holbrook joins the Justified world as Clement Mansell. “Well, we went and got another Boyd, so that helped us,” Timothy says. “I love that dude. It’s definitely a different vibe.”

“Walton Goggins is one of my favorite actors to watch,” Holbrook tells EW. “Hopefully, I live up to filling his shoes … but the costume director said I had bigger feet than him, so I don’t know.”

What’s even more ironic is that Holbrook actually comes from “the hollers of Kentucky” himself, much like Raylan and Boyd. “I was very reluctant to ever see [Justified] because I didn’t know if it’s just another Beverly Hillbillies sort of thing, but my mom was such a huge fan so I ended up watching the show and I loved it, man,” he says. “It is totally not what I expected. Tim does a great job keeping everything real and legit. The show’s calling card is ‘f—ed up and funny,’ and Kentucky is littered with wild characters. The fact that it wasn’t poking fun or making fun of something, but it was actually just showing culture authentically, and from that there’s truth in comedy — I just think the authenticity of it all won me over.”

But he never once thought he’d actually join the show years later, especially playing a character who’s not from Kentucky at all. “Boyd Crowder kind of supported Raylan, really; they needed each other,” Holbrook says. “But these guys, Raylan and Clement, they’re trying to get away from each other. Clement is kind of a walking calamity, way in over his head. He’s a thief, but not really a great thief. This guy sucks the life out of every moment as if it’s going to be his last. He’s really unstoppable in his own way. He also thinks he’s such hot s—. His ego is just out of control. He’s a sociopath. There are no F’s given with him.”

And that’s what makes him even more formidable than Boyd ever was. “This character is one of the best bad guys Elmore ever created,” Dinner says. “He’s just a really dangerous, cool, bad motherf—er. Now, Boyd was those things too, but Boyd and Raylan were cut from the same cloth. Clement, he’s really unpredictable.”


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